Gigi Etienne
Mobility Partnerships Manager

Gigi is a partnerships manager at what3words and focuses specifically on mobility companies and has helped numerous taxi and navigation apps successfully integrate the new global addressing system, what3words. what3words is the simplest way to talk about location. We've divided the world into a grid of 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares and given each one of them an unique 3 word address using words from the dictionary. Now taxi apps allow their riders to book a taxi to ///points.cartoons.talents or navigation apps allow their users to navigate to ///embarks.best.blesses. what3words is making the communication of location extremely simple and precise which will revolutionise the world of mobility.


16.10.18 | Panel

17:35 — 18:05



Beyond Automated Driving: The ecosystem around the automation of vehicles

Gigi Etienne | what3words, Mobility Partnerships Manager

Bernd Kammholz | Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Chief Technologist – Automotive

Dominik Rüchardt | ptc, Head of Business-, Market- and Partner Development Central Europe

Dr. Simon Hassannia | A.T.U., Head of Business Innovation